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Cocoa Mint & Ginger Snap

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Energy Elevating

Energy Elevating

Charge Matcha
Mind Calming

Mind Calming

Focus Matcha
Immune Support

Immune Support

Recover Matcha

Seasonal Matcha


What our clients say
Nick CCustomer

Tastes great! Good for your health. Enough said.


I'm so glad I passed this booth at the home and garden show! I was really worried about where I would get my Matcha now, but the quality is incredible!
I'm absolutely addicted to the Mate blend! I've been sharing with all my friends and coworkers!

Matt Customer

I love having a cup of Summit in the morning. I feel so refreshed and healthier for hours.


I met these guys at a fall festival outside Pittsburgh. They’re were very nice and incredibly knowledgeable about their product. I sampled the Recover and their “Every day” match. Both were excellent. Will be buying exclusively from them from now on.


You know it's fresh by the bright green color and smooth taste. My favorite is Ascend Matcha, sometimes with a little butter and coconut oil.


Attention, fellow matcha lovers! For those looking to up their matcha game, you need to try this product.

Fresh from the Farm to your DoorOur matcha is sourced directly from the farm in Japan in small batches from the newest harvest.