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Get refreshed with CHILLED MATCHA!
Aug 04, 2018
NOTHING BETTER AT REFRESHING YOUR MIND THAN A CUP OF COLD SHAKEN MATCHA! When on the go, enjoy the same benefits of matcha in a shaker bottle. Stash a couple of To-Go Packets before you start your day! When it’s hot out or you're heading to the gym, fill your shaker bottle with ice to help create a refreshing chilled tea you’ll love.
Aug 04, 2018
Matcha is a finely ground green tea carefully grown and harvested in Japan. A few weeks prior to spring harvest, the green tea plant (camillia sinesis) is shaded from the sun. Shading the tea leaves not only increases chlorophyll, theanine, and caffeine content, it naturally turns the leaves a vibrant shade of green. During harvest, workers hand pick the the youngest and most tender leaves located at the top of the plant.  After the leaves have dried, they are de-veined and de-stemmed before they are carefully ground with stone granite wheels to produce an ultra-fine, delicate powder in three grades: