Cocoa Mint Matcha - Limited Edition

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    Inspired by the hot cocoas stirred with peppermint sticks, this CocoaMint blend is crafted to give you a taste of the holiday season in your cup of matcha. Use this blend in your next matcha latte and drink it warm to unlock all the flavors. 😍

    Flavor Profile: Minty aromas with smooth chocolate notes.

    Ingredients: Japanese Matcha (Green Tea Powder), Peppermint Leaves, Chocolate Blend (Cocoa, Cacao)

    Servings: Each 40g jar has approximately 20 teaspoons which make 20 strong (1 tsp) or 40 medium strength (1/2 tsp) cups of tea.

Nutrient Rich

Matcha green tea has a vibrant green color that is recognizable with its smooth and savory flavor. A notable difference between traditional green tea and Matcha green tea is that Matcha makes use of the entire tea leaf allowing the drinker to experience all the exceptional health benefits. Traditional green tea only makes use of what seeps from the tea bag into the water. Matcha green tea is also known to contain a higher than usual quantity of nutrients and antioxidents helping with lowering cholesterol and the risk of liver disease. Additionally, a unique amino acid called L-Theanine is found in Matcha enabling the body to stay energized and the mind to stay alert.

Delicious & Enriching

Matcha is the finest type of green tea in the world; hand picked from specially cultivated plants which is then ground into fine powder. When whisked with water, Matcha green tea transforms into a beverage of unparalleled taste and exceptional health benefits. In its powdered state, Matcha can be used in a variety of daily meals and drinks.