Citrus Fields Matcha - Limited Release


    Inspired by the light feeling that comes with summer, this limited release matcha blend captures the essence of exploring fields of wildflowers and the desire for some bright citrus on those hot summer days. The soft citrus from lemongrass complements the grassy notes of matcha that is then finished off with a lingering hint of lavender for a beautiful sensory experience to pair with these remaining summer days. One of our most beloved blends yet! 

    Japanese Matcha (Green Tea Powder), Lemongrass, Lavender 

    Servings:  Each 40g jar has approximately 20 teaspoons which make 20 strong (1 tsp) or 40 medium strength (1/2 tsp) cups of tea.

- One 8-10 oz cup of tea, 1 tsp (2g)

- 20g, 10 Cups
- 40g, 20 Cups
- 90g, 45 Cups

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