Cocoa Mint Matcha - Limited Edition


    Inspired by the hot cocoas stirred with peppermint sticks, this CocoaMint blend is crafted to give you a taste of the holiday season in your cup of matcha. Use this blend in your next matcha latte and drink it warm to unlock all the flavors. 😍

    Flavor Profile: Minty aromas with smooth chocolate notes.

    Ingredients: Japanese Matcha (Green Tea Powder), Peppermint Leaves, Chocolate Blend (Cocoa, Cacao)

    Servings:  Each 40g jar has approximately 20 teaspoons which make 20 strong (1 tsp) or 40 medium strength (1/2 tsp) cups of tea.

- One 8-10 oz cup of tea, 1 tsp (2g)

- 20g, 10 Cups
- 40g, 20 Cups
- 90g, 45 Cups

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