• Ceremonial Green Tea

    Ultra Matcha's highest grade matcha is the perfect choice for your daily moment of self reflection. This nutrient-rich green tea powder promotes feelings of energy, vitality and focus. Best used as a daily tea and in tea ceremonies. 

    Net WT. 1.4oz | 40g

    Flavor Profile: Full- bodied with sweet umami undertones

    Ingredients: Japanese Tencha Leaves

    Servings:Approximately  20 strong cups for 40g Jars and Travel Packets

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Rich with historic success in Matcha cultivation, Japan's Nishio region of the Aichi prefecture is one of the regions best kept tea secrets due to its high quality tencha.


Only the youngest, most delicate leaves from the top of the tea plant are carefully hand-picked to be used for Ceremonial Matcha. The process of shading and the careful selection of leaves gives Ceremonial Matcha its' renowned delicious umami flavor. The slow and deliberate grinding of our Matcha tea demands the skillful artisanship of a stone carver and its carefully hand-crafted granite grinding wheels. This process protects the delicate leaves from the burn of a fast grind, which in turn destroys nutrients, robs the tea of it’s bright emerald color and rendering it tasteless.

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