Quick & Easy Vegan Matchata

Quick & Easy Vegan Matchata

Aug 04, 2018Feb Zetts

Though we're getting a kick out of this winter with the single digits and all... we do daydream of the warm temperatures of the summer sitting next to our heating vent cuddled up in blankets. This got us craving that #SummerVibes drink, which our ops manager (and in-house bartender), Jorge, crafted up for us! So, stock up on the ingredients below, because you're going to want to be ready to be transported into the Summer at any time!

Turn up the heat, salsa dance around, and get this Matchata in your belly!


1 tsp   Ascend Premium Grade Matcha

1 cup   Rice Milk

1 tbsp   Agave Syrup

1/4 tsp   Vanilla Extract

Dash of Cinnamon


Pint Glass Full of Ice

Frothing Pitcher

Electric frother or whisk

The One, Two Step:

1.   Add all ingredients into a frothing pitcher and whisk.

2.   Pour into your glass of ice and enjoy!

BONUS: Sift cinnamon on top for fun, adding extra aroma and flavor!

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