Matcha Chocolate Strawberries
Feb 13, 2019
🍓 An easy way to make matcha chocolate covered strawberries! Get these few ingredients and make a huge gesture to surprise or have fun with your loved one in making these delicious treats.
Easy Recipe for a Green Powered Breakfast!
Feb 11, 2019
On those hectic mornings, a nutrient dense breakfast is vital to starting off your day right. There are times we stay up late the night before working on projects, hanging out with friends, or just dive too deep into a TV series... whoops! That’s one of the reasons why this recipe came to be. This easy recipe combines your morning matcha with a delicious breakfast smoothie so you can allocate some time from your morning routine to sleep in a little bit longer. ;) Enjoy!
Delicious Matcha Chocolate Cups
Aug 04, 2018
Chocolate and matcha are actually a great match made in heaven! The sweet earthy chocolate flavors mixed with our bright and grassy Ascend Matcha make a delicious sweet treat that’ll be our healthy little secret. Another way to get your matcha in. Try this oldie but goodie recipe for Matcha Cups (Makes 12 delicious chocolates)! Just substitute the cacaomint blend with Ascend Matcha and you’re good to go. 
Quick & Easy Vegan Matchata
Aug 04, 2018
Though we're getting a kick out of this winter with the single digits and all... we do daydream of the warm temperatures of the summer sitting next to our heating vent cuddled up in blankets. This got us craving that #SummerVibes drink, which our ops manager (and in-house bartender), Jorge, crafted up for us! So, stock up on the ingredients below, because you're going to want to be ready to be transported into the Summer at any time!
Matcha Royale
Aug 04, 2018
Every once and a while, you want to level up your Matcha game. This is the recipe to give you that cutting edge. Asides from the obvious benefits you get from Matcha, this Matcha Royale recipe is extra rich in flavor and velvety texture with coconut oil and grassfed butter. This really gets my appetite satisfied with an abundantly savory experience that leaves one in a stupor of amazement, questioning whether you just drank Matcha or butter. Hit the ground running for the long haul, by stabilizing your energy levels over a longer period of time, curbing your hunger and cravings.